What Keeps You From Becoming a Good Artist?

We all know that everything is a little bit hard when you are a beginner, isn’t that right? Of course it is! And this is especially the case with people who love to draw. Perhaps the main problem with drawing is that pretty much everyone thinks that they know how to do it. And while some drawings turn out to be pretty good, others don’t. But you can’t really blame the people who are not really good at drawing, can you? The talent is what really matters here, isn’t it?

Well, the fact is that this is actually far from being the real truth here. If you simply don’t see any progress despite all that time that you have spent trying to improve your drawing skills, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have the talent necessary to be a good artist. In fact, it could just mean that you have been practicing the wrong way the entire time!

First of all, the main reason why you have decided to start drawing is because you had the urge to draw, right? And even though you are not very good when it comes to drawing, you don’t want to put a limit on your drawing abilities – you have so many ideas that all you want to do is draw. But it is very important to note that drawing isn’t just a single skill. Did you know that the most important things actually happen inside your brain? Well, now you do!

Drawing Isn’t Easy

Drawing is not the easiest hobby in the world, you know? So, if you’re trying to draw something, and you see that it is not going in the right direction, don’t try to fix it by adding more colors to it or something like that. Instead, try to draw a better picture from scratch. Yes, this usually takes more time, but it’s definitely worth it.

You Draw Only What You See

It is completely natural for people to draw only what they see. However, if you fancy yourself an artist, you should try to draw something that is in your head – something that only you can see. Try to use your imagination a bit more often.


Keep on practicing! Just like any other skill, drawing requires constant practice. So, try to practice as much and as often as you can. Try to draw things that are actually not that easy to draw. If you want to become a good artist, you need to change your style and start working harder than ever before.

How To Discover Your True Niche As an Artist

When it comes to transitioning from a regular 9-to-5 job into a creative career, it is not enough to just think how you want to be a designer or how you want to be an artist. It takes so much more than just that. You see, things like photography, design, and visual arts are such big categories that you will simply want to figure out how you want to define yourself as an artist. In other words, you will want to figure out where your true artistic abilities are. But how do you do this? While this may be a pretty straightforward process for many creative people out there, finding out who you truly are is not always an easy task, you know? And why would you even want to do this kind of thing anyway? Well, whether you realize it or not, going through the process of realizing what kind of creator you are is a very important step that you need to take, and it is also the very first step in clarifying the rest of your business.

Once you have figured out who you truly are as an artist, the process of focusing your marketing and deciding the best platform for selling your art becomes much easier. Also, it will help you have a better understanding of who your target clients are, as well as what sort of publications may be interested in publishing your work of art. One very important thing that you need to do here is decide whether you want to make the leap into a full-time creative, or you just want to leave it as a side job. Another thing that you need to remember here is that it is much easier to find the right clients when you know how to advertise your skills the right way!

Your Skills and Talents

When it comes to making the leap into a full or part-time creative, thinking about the type of work that you create is a great starting point. Regardless of what creative field you choose to work in, there are always some certain skills that you need to posses in order to make your work stand apart from your competition. That being said, you should never stop honing your artistic skills, regardless of how good you think you are.

Are You Attracted To a Specific Subject Matter?

Have you ever thought about whether or not you are attracted to a specific subject matter? For example, maybe you love photographing animals, or maybe you love creating jewelry. Whatever the case may be, your artistic side is pulling you in the right direction, so don’t even try to fight it, okay?